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Foodie’s guide to Phoenix

Eat your way through the city like a local

Fun fact: Phoenix might be best known for its year round sunshine and intense desert heat, but the surrounding land (the Sonoran desert) is surprisingly fertile and home to a bounty of farms. Unsurprisingly, the dining scene in Phoenix is just as deliciously diverse as its agricultural offerings. Here are the best spots enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Phoenix like a local.


For too many of us, the first meal of the day is a hurried affair. But at Matt’s Big Breakfast, it’s time to slow down a bit, and fuel up over a filling, hearty meal. The Five Spot is a sublime breakfast sandwich, with thick-cut bacon, eggs, and grilled onions on a squishy white roll. The pancakes and waffles are dreamy and fluffy, and lighter appetites will appreciate the steel-cut oats and egg-white scramble.


Chances are you’ve heard of Pizzeria Bianco, and for good reason. Because when Chris Bianco started making pizza in back of a Phoenix grocery store over 25 years ago, little did the rest of the country know just how transcendent and life-affirming a humble Neapolitan pie could be.


At Beckett’s Table, chef and owner Justin Beckett makes the kind of food we want to eat every day of the week. The deviled egg of the day, which is sourced from local Hickmans Family Farms, makes for the ideal starter, and mains like the green chili pork stew signature short ribs will satisfy even the biggest appetites. If you’re seeking lighter fare, Beckett also makes magic with vegetables in colorful, balanced salads. 


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