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Maui’s Best Loco Moco

Where to find the island’s best versions of this local specialty

Visiting the lush island Maui goes far beyond soaking in some rays on the beach or cooling off in its many waterfalls. If you want try something local and authentic local experience, look no further than loco moco.

The most famous (and infamous) of plate lunches – which are simple, hearty meals comprised of meat, two scoops of rice, and a scoop of mac salad – loco moco one features a seasoned hamburger patty topped with a sunny-side-up egg and gravy. Because loco moco is meant to remind you of a home-cooked meal, it should be both affordable and filling.

As for where to find the island’s best? Locals recommend Kihei Caffe for its hearty breakfast offerings, including coco loco. While it’s delicious as is, try upgrading it with fried rice or Kahlua pork. Da Kitchen is a funky spot doling out creative riffs on classics, and its Notorious B.I.G Moco – a belly-busting dish of chili, eggs, spam, cheese, Portuguese sausage, and fried rice – is one of the best sellers. Nalu’s South Shore Grill is a chill, open-air eatery that turns out a classic loco moco with local touches (including Hawaiian beef and Molokai black lava salt).


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Explore the Crown Jewel of Hawaii: Maui

Explore the Crown Jewel of Hawaii: Maui